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Pasta with bechamel is one of the easiest dishes and one of the most loved dishes

Total Time
60 mins
Serves 5

How to Make It

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    Preparing the chicken: We cut the chicken breasts into small pieces, then put the butter or oil in a skillet as desired and add the sliced chicken cutlets, after the chicken becomes golden in color, we put the spices and put the chicken on a low heat, and before the chicken is leveled, we add the mushroom pieces and return to put The chicken is on high and fried for about two minutes, then add the corn on them and turn off the stove. Preparing the pasta: We boil the water, add salt and oil, then add the pasta and stir it to prevent it from sticking to each other. After leveling off, wash it with cold water and filter it.
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    Béchamel: We put the milk on the fire until it becomes warm, and melt the butter on a low heat, in the meantime we put the spices to the milk where we insert in an onion six sticks of cloves and put it in the milk, then put the salt and white pepper, add the flour to the butter and beat until it becomes The color of the flour is blond, we start adding the milk gradually and we stir quickly so that we do not get lumps, when the amount of milk ends, we add a little nutmeg and leave it on a medium heat until it becomes medium-thick. In a plate as desired, put a layer of bechamel on top of it pasta, then a second layer of bechamel, then add the chicken with mushrooms and on top of it a little grated cheese and a little oregano, then another layer of pasta and repeat the same steps until the quantity ends, the last layer should be a Béchamel and sprinkle it Cheese, then put it in the oven (pre-heated at 200) on the bottom, from ten minutes to a quarter of an hour until the face turns brown.


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    • tablespoon vegetable oil
    • Teaspoon salt
    • Hot water
    • 600 grams macaroni
    • To boil pasta:
    • Kashkaval cheese 200 grams
    • Pinch of nutmeg
    • A quarter of a teaspoon white pepper
    • Half a teaspoon of salt
    • 2 liters of milk
    • 150g butter (6 tablespoons)
    • 150g flour (6 tablespoons)
    • Bechamel sauce:
    • A quarter of a teaspoon of cardamom
    • Half a teaspoon of onion powder
    • Half a teaspoon garlic powder
    • A quarter of a teaspoon of ginger
    • A quarter of a teaspoon white pepper
    • Half a teaspoon of salt
    • 150 g of corn
    • 300 g of fresh mushrooms
    • 600 gm chicken breast
    • For the filling:


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