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Halawet el-jibn | cheese sweet

Halawet El Jeben is a traditional dessert famous in Syria. It is made from cheese, semolina, sugar, and rose water. It takes the form of soft and sweet slices at the end, and is served stuffed with cream or plain without filling and decorated with ice cream and nuts.

Total Time
10 mins
Serves 5

How to Make It

  • 1. Part
    In a bowl, put two cups of water and half a cup of sugar, stir a little and leave it until it boils, add semolina gradually with constant stirring until the semolina absorbs the water, then add cheese (not salty) gradually with constant stirring until the dough is formed and the cheese melts.
  • 2. Part
    Meanwhile, put a spoonful of ghee in a bowl and heat it on the fire and add a drop of rose water on top and then spread the dough while it is lukewarm on a surface covered with greased nylon and then wipe the dough with ghee and then spread it out a little with fingers and put the second piece of nylon over it and spread it by the hook, then We cut the sides, spread the cream on the dough and make one roll only, then cut it with the knife, but from the blunt end, we repeat the process until the quantity ends, after making the rolls we put them in the fridge from half an hour to an hour, then we cut them small or large pieces as desired It is decorated with pistachios and served next to the syrup.


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    • 300 grams of february cream
    • A drop of intense blossom water
    • A tablespoon of ghee
    • 250 grams of halloumi cheese
    • 350 ml of water
    • 60 g sugar
    • 120 g fine semolina


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