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Pickle, which is pickling, that is, putting it in a substance that has been pickled. Cucumbers, for example, are soaked in water and salt in a pressurized container and removed from the air for about a week, and then this water in the pot becomes flavored with vinegar and cucumbers become soft and delicious, and pickles can be made from many vegetables.

Total Time
288 mins
Serves 23

How to Make It

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    Pickled cucumber: We cut each piece of cucumber with a small wound, and get rid of the beaten places on the cucumber pieces, then we lay the cucumbers in clean and sterilized jars in a compact and longitudinal manner, and then we add 5 cloves of garlic to each jar. Pickled turnip: We cut each turnip into thick pieces in a circular motion, then we put them in clean, sterilized jars, and between each layer of turnip we put two pieces of beetroot, and then we add a little dried chickpeas to each jar. Pickled Capsicum: We cut a small cut in each piece of capsicum, then we put them in clean, sterilized jars. Sauerkraut: We cut the head of cabbage into medium-sized and thick pieces, then put them in clean, sterilized jars.

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    To prepare the brine: we put in a bowl of water, salt, sugar, lemon salt, then we stir the ingredients until they dissolve, then we pour water for each jar, then close the jar well, and put them in a warm place for 12 days.


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    • Can you add green thyme
    • Can you add some garlic cloves
    • Can you add some dried chickpeas
    • 5 grams lemon salt
    • 15 grams of sugar
    • 70 grams of rock salt
    • per liter of water
    • saline solution:


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