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Shami Ouzie with cucumber salad with yogurt and cheese roll

The Ouzi dish is one of the delicious and favorite dishes of the majority, and it is one of the popular dishes that spread in most Arab countries, and which has become a main dish in many of them, especially during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Total Time
60 mins
Serves 10

How to Make It

  • 1. Part

    To prepare the boiled meat:
     First, we come with the meat Then we bring a pot and put vegetable oil in it and put on the oil "black pepper (love), cloves, lump (dry lemon), cardamom, bay leaf. Onions and then put the pot on the gas and fry the ingredients and then put the meat on them and stir them well until roasting, then add hot water to them  then reduce the fire under the pot and let it cook slowly until the color of the meat turns pink.)


    Then we bring the (American) rice and wash them well, then we soak the rice with water and leave them for about half an hour.


    To prepare the cucumber yogurt salad:
     First, wash the cucumbers well, then chop them finely  ((and chop them finely)) (when we grate the cucumber, we sprinkle it with no texture and no taste for this crust)) Then we put the chopped cucumber in a bowl and put dry mint, yogurt and fine garlic on it  ((Crushed with salt)), (We do not put water on the cucumber until after the food has been prepared in order not to soften the cucumber).


    To boil the peas
      We put water in a pot on the gas and add a small pinch of sugar to it and leave them until it boils and then we add green peas to the pot (the greens are many) and we boil the peas and then drain them on a colander and then transfer them in ghee ((Light frying so the peas keep their shape)


    To prepare the rice:
     We put the ghee in a saucepan and put it on the fire, then add the rice to the pot and roast it in the ghee, and then add the salt ((Because meat broth does not have salt) (because if we add salt to the meat, it will not be cooked))  And then we go

  • 2. Part

    Meat broth ((half it with a strainer of spices and meat) (of course the rice is cooked with meat broth; for each cup of rice = a cup of water and a small cup pot)) We leave the fire under the rice high (until the rice appears on the face, we reduce the fire and cover the bowl) after the rice is cooked, we remove the rice cooker from the fire and pour them into the tray.  then put the peas on top of the rice (which we fried light frying), then we put the meat and a few nuts and mix all the ingredients (and mix them well with our hands).


    Ouzy application stage:
      We bring the dough paper ((the most important thing when you want to buy this paper is wet and soft), (But the paper is dry with a fracture, and if it is dry, you should bring a clean cotton cloth sprinkled with water and put it on top of the chips and they will go with you)) Then we cut the dough paper into equal pieces, then we bring a bowl and put the dough paper (two layers) in it to form a hole and put the rice, meat and nuts (mixed with the tray) in it. Then we roll the paper on each other, and then we take it out of the bowl and put them in the oven tray, then we grease the face of the dough with ghee, and then put the almonds (for decoration) and put the tray in the oven on the highest heat ((after it warms well),  (You only want the dough not like that, because basically everything is cooked in ghee)). With the remaining dough paper we have on it we make cheese rolls stuffed with white cheese and parsley, after we finish wrapping the chips we put them on the oven tray greased with butter, and we grease the face of the chips with butter and we grill them in the oven, and then  The size is ready.


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    • Lamb meat: 1 kilo (chopped or fine as desired)
    • Vegetable oil: 3 or 4 tablespoons
    • Black pepper (to taste)
    • Carnation: how many grains (ram)
    • Hill: 5 grains
    • Lomah: 2 tablets
    • Bay paper: 3 sheets
    • Onion: 1 large
    • Boiling water
    • Option
    • Baladi Laban: 1 can
    • Garlic: 4 teeth
    • salt (pinch)
    • dried mint (spoon)
    • water
    • Peas (as desired)
    • Sugar: a small pinch
    • Ghee: 1.2 tablespoons
    • Rice: 5 cups
    • Salt: 1 teaspoon and a small
    • Broth water: 5 cups and a small cup saucepan
    • almonds (for garnish)
    • Cheese (grated) as desired
    • Parsley (chopped) as desired
    • Ghee (for greasing the face of the dough)
    • Cucumber Laban Salad:
    • boil peas:
    • rice method:
    • cheese chips:


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