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Potato bread with cheese and garlic

Potato bread is a special type of bread made from potato flour, dried potato chips, or mashed potatoes, along with wheat flour, instead of just wheat flour; It can be taken with main meals.

Total Time
60 mins
Serves 6

How to Make It

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    First we cut the potatoes into cubes, then we boil them in hot water, and after boiling we grind the potatoes.

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    To prepare the dough: In a bowl we put flour, salt, then stir them a little, then add the ground potatoes, and in another bowl we put warm water, add yeast and sugar, then stir all the ingredients, then add them over the flour bowl, add eggs and knead all the ingredients until we get The texture is a firm and soft, then we add butter to the dough and knead well until we get a smooth and soft texture, then put the dough in a bowl with a little flour and close the bowl and put it in a warm place and leave the dough until fermentation, and then we roll the dough (with rolling pin) and cut it for circles, Then we stuff the pieces of dough with cheese and put them in a tray, then we put them in the oven a little (or any warm place until they rest), then we put the garlic (cutting the head of garlic from above and below) in butter paper and add salt, pepper and olive oil to it and we cover the butter paper on it Put it in a foil paper and put it in the oven on high heat for 15-20 minutes, then put the roasted garlic (without the peel) in a bowl, add a little butter to it and mix it all, Then we grease the dough in the garlic mixture and then put the dough into the oven (working on 250 from below, and after you choose the tray from below, give it color from above; or you can take color from above during the grilling period) for 30 minutes, and then the potato bread is ready (and you can add it Oregano after greasing with garlic).


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    • 200 gm boiled potatoes (5 tablespoons)
    • 600 grams of flour (6 cups)
    • Teaspoon salt
    • 2 small size eggs
    • 1 tablespoon butter
    • 200 ml warm water (a cup)
    • 7 g yeast (1.5 tsp)
    • 2.5 tsp sugar
    • For the garlic mixture:
    • 2 heads of garlic
    • 1 teaspoon olive oil
    • salt
    • pepper
    • 50gm butter for garlic mixture
    • 300 grams kashkaval cheese
    • teaspoon oregano


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