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Al-Baghaja is one of the most delicious types of luxury sweets, and in particular one of the finest types of pies made of tortilla dough saturated with Arabic ghee of both types: stuffed with meat, or with Arabic cream and sugar syrup.

Total Time
90 mins
Serves 23

How to Make It

  • 1. Part
    To prepare the dough: In a bowl we put flour, salt, sugar, then add warm water, then knead all the ingredients, then we roll out the dough and knead it well with hands until it becomes smooth, then we knead it again with vegetable oil, and then we put the dough in a lightly greased bowl of oil until it rests for about 20 minutes. Forming stage: we cut the dough into equal balls, then put them in a tray with a little oil and leave them for 10 minutes, then we spread them a little with the palm of the hand and put them on top of each other in the tray and leave them for 10 minutes again, and then we roll the dough until it becomes very thin, Then we fold the edges of the dough to get a square shape, then we stuff the dough with the fillings, and then we cover the dough with the filling. Grilling stage: First we turn on the oven on the highest heat, then we put the pieces of dough in it and grill them until we get a golden color, and then the baghaja is ready.
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    To prepare the cheese filling: In a bowl, put white cheese, halloumi cheese, nigella, parsley, then mix them all. To prepare the meat filling: we put the meat in a hot pot over the fire, then we fry it from both sides, then add the chopped onions, salt, white pepper, then add to the bowl a little fat, then add a little pine nuts and fry all the ingredients, and after frying the filling we leave it until it cools and then We add sumac. To prepare the syrup: In a bowl we put sugar, water, then stir them a little and then put the bowl on a low heat and leave them until it boils, then add a slice of lemon and cover the bowl and leave it for about a minute, then we take the bowl off the fire and leave it until it cools.


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    • a piece of lemon
    • water cup
    • 3 cups of sugar
    • diameter diameter:
    • 2 tablespoons Arabic ghee
    • 400gm cooked cream
    • tablespoon of nigella
    • 300 gr halloumi cheese
    • 100 grams white cheese
    • parsley cup
    • Cheese filling:
    • 2 teaspoons sumac
    • Half a teaspoon of white pepper
    • Teaspoon salt
    • Half a kilo of onions
    • Half a kilo of meat
    • Meat filling:
    • 2 cups vegetable oil
    • 3 teaspoons sugar
    • Teaspoon salt
    • 800 ml warm water
    • 1200 grams of flour
    • dough:


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