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Shish barak or shubarak or azan al-Shayeb is a popular dish in the Levant; The dish consists of a dough filled with minced lamb and wrapped in the shape of a human ear.

Total Time
90 mins
Serves 6

How to Make It

  • 1. Part

    To prepare the dough: In a bowl we put flour, salt, vegetable oil, water, then we knead all the ingredients until we get the consistency of the dough, and then put the dough in a bowl, cover it with nylon paper and put it in a warm and dark place until fermentation.

    To prepare the filling: In a frying pan on the fire we put ghee, chopped onions (soft), then we fry the ingredients a little, and then add the meat (soft, not greasy) and fry it with the onions, then add salt, pepper and half the amount of garlic (crushed) and then fry All the ingredients, and then we remove the pan from the heat and add a little chopped coriander (fine), and then we leave the filling aside until it cools.

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    The stage of forming the dough: we roll out the dough, then we cut the dough into equal pieces (I used the cup by cutting the dough), and then we stuff the pieces into the filling with the pieces covered well and then put them in a tray with a little flour.

    To prepare the milk: In a bowl, we put the milk, then we add the starch mixture (starch with water), salt and then we put the bowl on a high heat and grill the milk with continuous stirring in one direction and during the cooking of the milk we add the fat to the milk and continue to stir, and after grilling the milk We reduce the heat, then add the stuffed dough pieces to the pot and leave them until boiling, then we pour the shishbark into the serving bowl, and then we fry the butter with pine nuts, garlic (crushed) and chopped coriander and decorate the dish with them, then the shishbark is ready.


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    • dough:
    • 300 grams of flour (3 cups)
    • Half a teaspoon of salt
    • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
    • 3/4 cup water
    • filling:
    • 1 tablespoon of ghee
    • large onion, finely chopped
    • 300 grams of lean meat
    • salt
    • black pepper
    • Half a head of garlic
    • Half a bunch of coriander
    • yogurt:
    • 2 tablespoons starch
    • A kilo and a half of yogurt
    • 200 ml water
    • Salt
    • teaspoon ghee
    • To decorate (decoration):
    • Half a spoon of ghee
    • nuts
    • Half a head of garlic
    • Half a bunch of coriander


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