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Tamari and cake

Tamari and Kaak are one of the popular Damascene sweets popular in Syria and are usually sold on roving carts that roam the streets of the Levant.

Total Time
60 mins
Serves 12

How to Make It

  • 1. Part

    To prepare the date: Put in a bowl of warm water, then add the flour, then we mix the ingredients until cohesion, and then we separate and knead the dough with hands well until we get a soft texture, then we cut the dough into pieces and put the pieces in a tray greased with a little vegetable oil, and from Then we cover the pieces in a bag and leave them to rest. To prepare the cake: In a bowl we put warm water, sugar, salt, then we stir until the ingredients melt, then add the flour and mix it with the water until consistency, and then we roll out the dough and knead it with hands well until we get a soft and smooth texture, then we cut the dough into pieces And put the pieces on a cloth in a tray and we cover the pieces in cloth and leave them until they rest.

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    The method of frying tamarind dough pieces: In a frying pan, we put immersion oil, then we spread each piece of dough with the fingers of our hands, and then we fry them for a few seconds, and then we put them on a colander. The method of frying cake dough pieces: We roll out each piece of dough, then put a bowl on a high heat, then put each piece of dough in the bowl and fry it for about half a minute per face. Method of application: We put a piece of date, then put date molasses on it, then tahini, powdered sugar, sesame, then put a piece of cake, then a piece of banana, date molasses, tahini, powdered sugar, sesame, and then we roll the pieces in the form of a sandwich Then it's ready.


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    • banana
    • Sugar Icing
    • Sesame
    • tahini
    • date molasses
    • Half a liter of vegetable oil
    • Quarter teaspoon of salt
    • a teaspoon of sugar
    • 300 ml warm water
    • 400 grams of flour
    • the cake:
    • 300 ml warm water
    • 400 grams of flour
    • tamriya:


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