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pepper molasses

How to prepare pepper molasses (or pepper paste) in two ways.

Total Time
10 mins
Serves 1

How to Make It

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    The first way to prepare pepper molasses (by gas): We cut the peppers into pieces for easy chopping, then we chop the pepper pieces with an electric machine, and then we put the chopped peppers in a bowl and put them on a low heat and leave them for about 55 minutes (until the water dries out of them) until We get a firm and wet texture, then add coarse salt (rock salt), white vinegar, mix all the ingredients, and then the pepper molasses is ready.

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    The second method (via the oven): we cut the peppers in half, then put them on the oven grid, put a tray at the bottom of them and put them in the oven at 70-80 degrees (working above and below) for about 55 minutes (until the water dries out) and then we grind the pepper pieces Then we add coarse salt, white vinegar, and then we mix all the ingredients and then the pepper molasses is ready (it is better that you put olive oil on them after you put them in the jar until they dry with you).


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    • 3 kilos of red pepper
    • tablespoon coarse salt (rock salt)
    • 50 ml white vinegar (a quarter of a cup)
    • olive oil


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