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Mushroom soup and corn soup

Mushroom and corn soup is one of the most popular Ramadan soups on the dining table.

Total Time
60 mins
Serves 8

How to Make It

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    To prepare mushroom soup: First, we must choose the quality of mushrooms ((for example, the type of canned mushrooms is not suitable for mushroom soup because there is salt and canned materials) ((And we must choose the quality of the fresh mushrooms or the chestnut type that is brown))  Then we bring a cloth and clean the mushrooms with it, and then cut the mushrooms into slices and put them in a frying pan over a high heat  (The way to cook mushrooms without oil because mushrooms suffer from the problem of drinking a lot of oil) And the mushrooms should not be moved until they are red, and then we move the mushrooms until they take the golden color ((The method of cooking mushrooms without oil in order for the mushrooms to retain their texture, benefit and flavor; mushrooms have a strong flavor that we lose when washing and peeling, and when we put them in a pot with oil and close the lid , it becomes tasteless)) We remove the pot of mushrooms from the fire and bring another pot and put in it a third of the amount of mushrooms with half a liter of water and grind them well (and mix them with blender) Then we bring in a pot and put olive oil, finely chopped onions and finely chopped garlic and put them on the gas and fry them a little (until they wither) And then we bring the water that has been beaten with mushrooms (liter text) We add salt to them (as you like) Stir the mixture a little, then add a cube of bone broth (or meat broth or chicken broth), Then we add the thyme (Green or dry thyme ) After combining the broth with the meat broth, we add a small cube of the roux paste (The following is what they have roux dough; before you add mushroom water, add an amount of flour and a similar amount of butter, that is, for example, a spoonful of butter and a spoon of flour, and roast them with garlic, onions and oil; but the one who has the roux dough Just put a piece of it to raise the density of the broth).

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    Then we put on them our remaining mushrooms, then put on them the sugar-free cooking cream, then reduce the heat to become quiet and leave them for about 10-15 minutes ((1- Mushroom soup, we put meat broth and cream only, and we do not put milk)) ((2- If you don’t have cream and you want to dispense with it, it is equal to flour with butter with milk, something similar to the bechamel and put on it, there is no problem, but it is the goodness with cream))  ((3- The cream is as if you are using milk with a very high-fat content))  Then we take the pot off the stove and pour the soup into the bread  (The color of the soup must be white) Then add thyme on top of the soup in the   Then the soup is ready.

    To prepare corn soup: First, put milk in the electric mixer, and put 2/3 of the amount of corn Then we grind the two ingredients well until the color becomes milk(light yellow), Then we bring a colander and filter them (And this is how we will grind the pulp and leave the peel, which we will not need) Then we add the roux paste to them, and then put them on a low heat to mix, then put salt (as you like) and white pepper Then we put garlic powder or fresh, and the tip of the spoon is turmeric to give the soup a sweet color and leave them until boiling, then we take the pot off the fire and pour the soup into the serving bowl.  And put on the face of the bowl soft green onions (for garnish),  Then it's ready.


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    • Mushroom soup:
    • 350 grams of fresh mushrooms
    • half a liter of water
    • 2 tablespoons olive oil
    • 1 onion
    • 2 years garlic
    • 500 ml mushroom water
    • 1/3 tablespoon salt (to taste)
    • bone broth cube
    • A small piece of roux dough
    • 200 ml cooking cream (cup)
    • Corn soup:
    • Half a liter of milk
    • 250 grams of corn (a quarter of a kilo)
    • rouge paste
    • Half a tablespoon of salt (to taste)
    • pinch of white pepper
    • Half a tablespoon of garlic powder
    • head of a tablespoon of turmeric
    • 1 teaspoon green thyme (or oregano)


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