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rice with milk

Rice pudding or rice pudding is a dish consisting mainly of rice, water or milk, in addition to other ingredients, which may be served as a dessert plate or main lunch meal; Where sugar is added to it if it is a sweet, it is famous for being one of the sweets in the regions of the Arab countries and Turkey.

Total Time
30 mins
Serves 6

How to Make It

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    We wash the rice once, then put it in a bowl, add a little milk to it and leave it for a quarter of an hour, then in a bowl we put two liters of milk on a low heat, and after a quarter of an hour for the rice, we put it in a bowl of milk and stir a little, then leave it on the fire until boiling. In a cup put 3/4 milk and two tablespoons of cornstarch and mix until the starch dissolves.
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    After boiling the milk, reduce the heat a little and stir every ten minutes for 30 minutes, then after the rice is cooked, we add the starch to the milk with stirring, then add 3/4 cup of sugar and continue stirring for ten minutes until the sugar melts, then turn off the heat and sleep with a little grate. Peel the lemon and add a drop of blossom water, then distribute the milk in yogurt and leave until it cools, then decorate the pistachios and serve.


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    • Pistachio to decorate
    • Zest one lemon
    • Blossom water clip
    • 3/4 cup sugar
    • glass of milk
    • 2 tablespoons of cornstarch
    • 3/4 cup short rice
    • 2 liters of milk


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